'Bout time to plant taters!

Monica is down with Hattie

Dmitri from Minsk

Bert & Emily rocked at the Farmer's Market

Learning in the Hollow

We hosted about half a dozen interns each year, from places as diverse as Chicago, Montreal, Memphis, San Francisco, and Brooklyn. Internationally, we've had interns from Lago d'Iseo (Italy), Minsk, Paris, and London. They would live in a rustic house (or in a screened-in camper), learn some practical skills in horticulture and marketing, and had some fun while doing it. Many thanks to all our wonderful interns over the years!

Which one of these is not like the other?
Moustachioed Sara, Tricia, Jackie, and Ben

The gang from 2008-2009

Scholastic Pursuits at Downing Hollow

Interns not only learned the fundamentals of good growth and good work. Some actually got college credit for it! Alex holds a Ph.D. in anthropology and is an instructor at the nearby University of North Alabama.  One intern from Hendrix College received college credit for her work here, and another intern received credit from Missouri State University toward his independent study in Folklore Studies, working closely with Alex.

                               Interns ate very well at Downing Hollow!

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