frozen foliage

What we grew

Although not currently farming, we typically provided the following crops:

Lettuce - including the ever tasty Drunkard's Wife, Cracoviensis, Rouge D'Hiver, Outredgeous, Galisse, and good old Black Seeded Simpson.

Braising greens, including baby Swiss Chard,Tatsoi, Mizuna, Osaka Purple Mustard, and other mixed greens. 

Endive, Arugula, and Radicchio!

Kale, including Lacinato and Winterbor

Turnips, including Hakurei, a great Japanese variety

Carrots, including the rather delicious Napoli variety - well-suited to TN!

Radishes, including Suzanne and French Breakfast

And we'll soon have the following:

Peas, including English Shelling Peas and Sugar Snaps.

Kohlrabi - white and purple varieties.  These are done for the season as well.

Baby Beets, including Chioggia, Golden and Detroit

Broccoli, including Brocoletti,Purple Peacock and Calabrese type

Swiss Chard, including Bright Lights and Magenta Sunrise

Fava Beans -  We hope to have this very popular crop back later this spring! Alas, favas are a finicky bunch.

Later in the season, look for these tasty morsels

Potatoes, including fingerlings like Austrian Crescent, Russian Banana, French Fingerling, Kipfel, La Ratte, Ozette, Peanut, Purple Peruvian, Rose Finn Apple and Tom Thumb. :

Tomatoes -  Our specialty, with over 80 varieties! We grow an amazing selection of heirlooms, from the smallest Red Currant up to the largest Watermelon Beefsteak and everything in between. This year, there will be old timey favorites like Arkansas Traveler, Mortgage Lifter, Mule Team, and plenty of Oxhearts and Beefsteaks. We couldn't survive without our paste tomatoe varieties like San Marzano, Roma, and Principe Borghese. And of course the green varieties that are perfectly ripe when they are still green like Aunt Ruby's German Green and Green Zebra. Most spectacular are the bi-colors like Copia which are gold- fleshed with streaks of yellow and the Ananas Noir, a dark purple and green tomato with pink and green streaked interior that has hints of pineapple flavor. Dad's Sunset and Dr Wyche's cover the orange and yellow spectrum. Then there are the deep purples, almost black, that have the most intensely rich and winey flavor of all, such are the Purple Calabash, Cherokee Purple and Paul Robeson.

Onions, including Red Torpedo, Superstar, & Flat of Italy

Garlic, a hefty quantity of regular garlic, plus Elephant and Red Toch varieties.

Leeks & Shallots!

Beans, including Edamame, French Filet, Romano, Chinese Long, and Flageolet

purple beans

Cucumbers, including  Miniature White and Lemon, along with the more familiar green ones. (We like to pick these on the small side). 

Sweet Corn - We'll have Ruby Red Queen (hybrid), with Silver Queen fast on its heels.  The bees polinate this stuff like crazy!

Peppers, including sweet peppers and hot peppers (25 different varieties)

Summer Squash, including Baby Pattypans, Costato Romanesco, White Scallop, Eight Ball, and Long White of Sicily.

Eggplant, including Hansel and Fairy Tale 

Melons. including Charentais (ooh la la! - we love this variety), Minnesota Midget, Delice De La Table, & Tigger. And our "Lil' Loupe" canteloupe are thriving this summer!

Watermelons, including Sweet Dakota Rose, Orangeglo, & Petite Yellow

Herbs, including Italian Parsley, Basil, Wild Fennel, Mints, Marjoram, Chervil, Sage, Oregano, Lavender, and Perilla

Winter Squash, including baby Blue Hubbards, White Acorn and Musquee De Provence.  Look for these later in the season

Sweet Potatoes

Baby Pink Ginger & Turmeric Root - a favorite with CSA members and chefs alike, these are as fresh as you've every tasted these delicious tubers!


Fighting pests the organic way! Judging from his cast,
the aphids gave Henry quite a tussle.

Updated February 1, 2016